Skin As A Mirror Of The Mind

  •  09-03-2017

  •  Dr. Beena Patel, Mumbai, Mumbai


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Remember! the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy from high school physics? Matter and energy can't be destroyed; it can only change its form. Wood when burnt, turn into light and heat; and fat can turn into energy we expend while running. Our mind is governed by the same law which can be called as the “Law of Conservation of Emotional Energy”. We can push away the anger which we're afraid, will get out of control.We can suppress the sexual urges we've been taught are bad.We can deny the emptiness and longing for love that our parents withheld, but we can't destroy them. The feelings will find their own way out to the surface – often through the skin.Emotions cause many skin problems and aggravate others. Our skin, in fact, leads a double life, one a physical life and another an emotional life filled with the feelings you've avoided or suppressed to protect yourself against pain. Our skin feels for us: it cries and rages; it remembers events so painful you’ve swept them under the rug of consciousness; it punishes you for real or imagined sins. Our skin can't talk in words but its emotional language may consist of acne or an "angry rash" of eczema or an outbreak of boils or psoriasis. It is the body's largest organ, and perhaps, the most sensitive. Thanks to its close connections with the nervous system, the skin is acutely sensitive to emotional events as it turns pale and clammy when we experience fear (the "cold sweat" of anxiety), it blushes when we're embarrassed, and it glows when we're happy. Anger, depression, or elation causes subtle or measurable changes to the skin.

         The mind and body function as a unit in both health and disease. Since they cannot be separated into distinct entities, to treat one and not the other is often fraught with failure. A combined therapeutic approach is frequently needed for complete relief from many chronic skin disorders.

        Mr.P, a 40-year old electrical engineer was suffering from a skin disease called Poly Morphic Light Eruption (PMLE).It first started when he was around 20 years old. Initially, it was less severe on the hands and legs so he did not give much attention, as it would come and go with some treatments. He started getting worried only when it appeared on his face and would not go with any treatment. It got so severe that one side of his face totally got affected. When he came to me for the treatment, his face was oozing with discharge. He was depressed and was wondering whether anything can be done about it. After taking the full case history, I learnt that since adolescent he was having a deep complex about his short height(he is 5ft tall).He always felt people are not giving him importance due to his height. He would harbour a strong feeling that people always want to dominate him. So his stance would mostly be defensive and at the slightest hint, he would enter into a brawl. He would regularly get into a fight while travelling in a crowded train to his office.

       Mr.P’s skin problem is just an expression of his inner mental turmoil. He is very conscious about his image which coloured his view about people being dominating. This resulted in a constant vexed state.Unless the irritation of his mind is settled, the irritation of his skin will not stop.

I started with NatrumMuriaticum in 0/1 potency- infrequent to frequent doses.Within 6 months of homoeopathic treatment, his complaints got completely healed.But he was asked to follow up for another one year to observe for any recurrence of his complaints. One day Mr.P spontaneously mentioned with a surprised look on his face that he has stopped fighting in the train. He said he feels less intimidated by people now. He asked whether it is due to the homoeopathic medicines.

     This is the wonder of a similimum! It, not only removes the physical disturbances but also heals the mind.



ucemodu - Umakub Toxukaxuq

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