Dr. B Chalam Garigipati-Homeopath

Dr. B Chalam Garigipati

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13-Years Experience

My Expertise : Sore Throat - Tonsils,Cold,more..

Dr. Chalam Has 12 Years Of Clinical Experience In The Field Of Homeopathy. His Keen Interest Is In Homeopathic Dilutions Which Works Wonders In Acute Cases When Rightly Understood And Selected. Post Medical School He Has Gained Clinical Skills From Well Known Practitioners In Homeopathy From The City Of Pune And Has Practiced For 5 Years In Pune. His Interest Areas Of Homeopathic Treatments Are Gastrointestinal Disorders, Nasal And Sinus Problems And Seasonal Ailments, Joint And Mobility Problems. Other Areas Are Preventive Health & Medical Health Counseling

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