Hard Flaccid Syndrome Homoeopathic Treatment

  •  10/06/2020

  •  Dr. Dr. P.S.Sudhakar, Chinna Waltair, Visakhapatnam


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It is a type of CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN SYNDROME (CPPS). It is a condition which affects the penis and with unknown cause among men characterized by a change in the size of penis, penis size, penis shape and feel. Penile firm or enlarged when the penis is in flaccid state. Affects the man’s sexual and social life. Presently no scientific literature about this syndrome. Usually the patient needs medical advice due to their complaints.

It may occur between the age 18 and 35 years. Sometimes penis touches the firm, like rubber structure. There may be a loss in nocturnal erections, and it may require more degree of stimulation to activate erection, loss in libido and a very shocking or upsetting of confidence.

It is different from Peyronie’s disease which is penis problem caused by scar tissue. It results in a bent, rather than straight, erect penis. These men can have sex. But some one have pain and cause erectile dysfunction.

Chronic pain in the pelvis present below the umbilicus with a duration of 6 months is called CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN SYNDROME (CPPS). It is caused by non bacterial chronic prostatitis.

The decrease of blood circulation leads to the penis becoming stiff and hard even though it is in a flaccid state leads to the penile size and erection struggle.

Physiotherapists are expecting treatment of Hard flaccid syndrome.


- Injury to the penis and stress are main drivers for this condition.
- Surgery for radical prostatectomy, Resection of rectum, major pelvic surgery.
- Radiotherapy , irradiation of the pelvis.

Abnormal masturbation.

Fully comprehensive sex or who have make an effort to achieve penis enhancement stretching , in these conditions the penile muscles continuing for an extended period contractile states leading to venous reduction in the penis. So the blood vessels fell to empty when the flaccid state with blood remained in the erectile tissue. Then erectile tissue becomes fatigue as many other muscle tissue in the body like spasm where the regulatory condition of erectile function is lost and the erectile tissue fails to disengage fully which cause in a semi stimulated stage, the tissue struggles to fully erect because it has lost the normal feedback mechanism. Automatic and central systems control erectile function and in states of fatigue condition the central and parasympathetic can no longer regulate this function. Pain is due to tissue injury and fatigue chemical irritation of the nerve endings. This further results in distress and anxiety. Stress causes release of cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline resulting in an increase of blood flow to the pelvic area. An already traumatic blood vessel to increased blood flow only helps to drive the process and maintain the hard flaccid state.

The tension in the pelvis is linked to stress and this will causes enable poor regulation of blood flow in the pelvic floor. The penis muscles originate from the pelvis and allow for easy influence of the tight pelvic muscles on penile erectile tissue.

Sometimes this tightness mis-sunderstood as with strong muscles and to diagnose as voiding complications. They may be dribbling urine after micturation, feel as if the bladder is not empty after passing urine. Pain while passing urine after passing urine.

- Deflated glans during erection.
- Loss of penile size
- Low libido
- Problem with achieving an erection
- No morning erections.
- A lot of physical stimulation needed to maintain normal erection.
- Cramps or tension in pelvis and the nearby muscle.
- Trembling muscles
- Cold hands and feet.
- Anxiety.
- Mental health: intense depression, lots of people don’t want to attend jobs, schools, due to constant depression and anxiety, insomnia.
- Isolation, suicidal tendency.

This is due to lack of knowledge.


- 75% can be successfully treated.
- Educate the patients, those who are having stress and anxiety.
- Removing any harmful behaviors or practices and emotional drives.
- Relaxation plays a prominent role in reestablishing normal breathing techniques and may facilitate suitable abdominal movement.
- For a short period stopping of the normal diaphragmatic excursions during breathing is closely linked with pelvic tension.
- Massaging perineal area and internally the pelvic floor may help the patient.
- Eat healthy and exercise regularly.
- Meditate, do yoga.
- Sleep: go to bed at ten pm, read books till 11pm, light off, wake up at 9 am.
- Eat breakfast every day; a glass of milk and toast or cereal.
- GAH  technique 4 times per week.
- Have a bath each day.
- Do not become obese.

Encourage the KEGEL exercise.

- Make sure the bladder is empty, then sit or lie down.
- Tightening of pelvic muscles, Hold tight and count 3-5 seconds.
- Relax the pelvic muscles and count 3 to 5 seconds.

** Repeat these 10 times, 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and night.)


  • Imagine that you are trying to keep yourself from passing gas.
  • Insert your finger into your rectum. Tightening the muscles as if holding in your urine, then let go. You should feel the muscles tighten and move up and down.
  • When you are performing these exercises relax your body and breathe deeply. While you are doing these exercises, you should not tighten the stomach, buttock, and thigh and chest muscles.

A new study advises that circumcision decreases sexual pleasure.


Like erectile dysfunction, there is persistent or recurrent inability to attain or maintain until completion of sexual desire and an adequate penile erection.

- Agnus  cactus: penis is small and flaccid, so relaxed even fancies excite no erection,  testicles are cold, swollen hard and painful and secretion of prostatic fluid during micturation. Suppressed sexual desire. Diminution of sexual power.
- Argentums Nitricum: Erection fails when coition is attempted. Sensitive at orifice, painful coition, tension during erection, testicles drawn up. Psychological impotence. Anxious  impotency before coition.
Caladium Seguinum: sexual organs relaxed and swollen, glans become flabby from masturbation. Without sexual desire painful erection of penis. Relaxed penis and sexual desire alternately present. Mental depression with impotence. Premature ejaculation of semen without proper erection. Feeling of coldness in penis.





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Can you please provide the dosage or potency of the prescribed homeopathic medicines?

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