Acne is one of the commonest skin condition affecting a large population. It is seen in any age group but mostly affects adolescent boys and girls. It occurs due to the influence of hormones on the skin and hygiene. Commonest site for acne is face which gives it a very high cosmetic value Acne range from mild to severe. They are painful and disfiguring. Acne permanently damage the skin. In infants and children they can be very distressing. Most acne are recurrent and long lasting. Patients with acne suffer from depression and low self-confidence.

Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about acne which worsen the suffering of the patient. Patients try all kinds of treatments some of which are completely bizarre.

Homeopathic science of Acne studies each case individually and not just on the name of the disease. Homeopathy treats from within, and not just the superficial aspect of skin. Homeopathic medicines for acne when chosen on the basis of patient’s constitution, his or her basic characteristics and disease tendencies, act at a deeper level and change the way skin functions. The effect is long lasting or permanent. Apart from the constitutional medicines there are number of other homoeopathic remedies for acne that can be used in special situations.

Homeopathic remedies like Sulphur, Graphitis, Nat Nur,CalcSulph, Merc Sol, work wonders in cases of acne. When correctly applied, homeopathy has neither any side effects nor relapses which are commonplace with the conventional treatment. Homeopathy is an effective modality of treatment for acne providing long lasting and permanent solution.